Herbcalc 0.1 Beta.

Herbcalc 0.1 is released for beta testing.

Herbcalc came out of my experiences in HRB622 at MUIH.¬† It is at it’s essence an attempt to demonstrate my application of rational understanding of extraction protocols, including properties of common solvents (e.g. water, alcohol and oils) and the solubility of various herbal constituents to produce quality herbal preparations.

Please access it here

Its intended to ultimately be a convenient way to conduct the important calculations for ethanolic percolation and maceration as well as oil infusions.

A picture of samuel thomson

Samuel Thomson could have used Herbcalc.

As development progresses, there will be error checking for common errors along with a list of likely constituent profiles based on chosen menstruum.

Additionally a list of references for traditionally  popular and frequently used ratios will be available for commonly used species (example: echinacea)

Finally by the 1.0 release there will be an option to print out a form for inclusion in a medicine making journal that will have the core elements needed to facilitate cGMP compliance for those herbalists concerned with that or rich and detailed journal entries for D.I.Y. practitioners.

The folk method is a noble and storied tradition with a legitimate place in phytotherapeutics, but Herbcalc will serve as a useful tool for those who desire consistency in production,  and a clearer understanding of what the constituent profile is of an extraction they are conducting.

Herbcalc is inspired by the remarkably useful Soapcalc which serves as an invaluable resource to home artisan soap makers.