A photo of me.

A photo of me.

Hello, My name is John Courie.

I practice an herbalism that integrates a modern evidence based perspective on plant therapeutics informed by a culturally sensitive awareness of traditional uses. This herbalism is grounded in the theories of coevolution, synergy, hormesis and allostatic load. 


It is my perspective that the goal of any successful intervention must promote all aspects of wellness from a biopsychosocial perspective grounded in a galenic energetic assessment of clients as undifferentiated and unique beings. 


I work with clients of all ages from diverse socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds. Herbalism can help people return to balance regardless of the depth or length of the imbalance, regardless of the severity of the symptoms, or the seriousness of the diagnosis, I believe herbalism can and should be a central component of integrative medicine for people from birth to hospice.


While the scientific method must be the central tool for correctly interpreting all phenomenon,  I hold that all living beings are fundamentally interconnected with the plant kingdom on an energetic level.  The increasing granularity of our scientific instruments will continue to corroborate this assertion until it is generally accepted as fact.  Over hundreds of thousands of years we have evolved together with plants and as a result of this, our bodies are uniquely designed to respond to whole plant therapeutics.


I have always been fascinated by the natural world and these intersections between humans and plants.  Though repeated interactions over decades with ethnogens and medicinal plants, I am certain that the diverse traditions of plant healing found across the world represent a fundamental birthright of humanity, I have made spreading this knowledge to those who need it my vocation.


Since an early age I have focused on ways to eliminate the suffering of others.  I  thing the most important task we face now is to (re)build resilient inclusive multicultural communities.  I believe that ALL humans are basically good.  I believe that a society organized entirely around the uncritical consumption of commodities is the central force for evil in our world.   I stand opposed to the commodification of healing. 


I am a pacifist and a practitioner of Mahayana Buddhism and I live on the Eastern Shore of MD with my wife and two beautiful daughters.