What is to be Done?

The growing body of C.A.M. research will one day free us as a civilization from the tyranny of global dependence on allopathy.

Yellow Emperor

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Since the ascendance of of the hospital model, we have been yoked to interpreting health through a Cartesian reductionist view of reality. The partisan, chauvinist, and racist, Flexner report ushered in an epoch where all healing modalities not founded on the crude abstractions of “population” and “disease” were banished.   Women were exiled from practicing medicine.  All but two of the African American medical schools were closed.  During this period much wisdom was lost. All that remained in the minds of the general public, were the specters of the “snake-oil” salesman, and the half literate “folk” doctor fretting over the patient she was inadvertently poisoning with lobelia.

But, as technology advanced, we learned that reality is fundamentally fractal. Chaos theory and quantum mechanics allowed us to see that what we once thought of as discernible mechanisms of action are, in reality, impossibly complex relationships. The ancients always knew this.  Now, the healers who intuitively understood the fundamental interconnectedness of all phenomena had observational science to corroborate their intuition.


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The Modern Challenge: 

Today, in the developed world, preventable diseases lead the count for causes of death.

Perversely, our very lifestyles are the most significant etiological factor to these diseases.

Lifespans grow, yet more are “diseased.” Quality of life becomes the priority for many. Daily long term usage of synthetic medication skyrockets. Adverse effects grow both in severity and incidence. Allergies become chronic. The cost of medicine rises. Emergency rooms, become the only health care many can afford.

Then, suddenly, the antibacterial arsenal begins to fail us.
We stand on a precipice.

The Solution:

Modalities that abstract us into populations and view the human organism solely as machines are ill equipped to address these challenges alone.

An integrative approach to the healing arts that prioritizes wellness and salutogenesis of individuals is needed to right the ship of medicine.

John Uri Lloyd

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The central task for healers is to foster a polity of mutually distinct yet interdependent healing modalities tightly integrated to a patient centered approach.

To do this the practitioners of these disciplines need to conduct modern well-designed research and allow the implications modern research to influence their practice.

Holistic practitioners need to adopt the shared language and methods of contemporary science. We must come back from the desert and assert our rightful place in medicine. If we do that correctly, then in concert with allopaths we could heal the planet before it’s too late.

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