Spiritual Wellness

In many ways, it is easy to find context and maintain a healing presence when the person you are working with has already identified ways that they would like to enhance their wellness.  A clear, oversimplified example of this would be someone who is pre-diabetic asking for salutogenic inputs they can implement. The client, in their resoluteness, is already on the path to wellness.

Spiritual wellness is a wellness input that I initially did now see how I could work with a person on.  Initially in my mind I thought, “Well, they are either spiritual or they aren’t.”  I realize now this was me superimposing my narrative over these concepts.

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Reflections on the learning process and Healing Presence

When I try to ascribe a metacognitive narrative to the learning process at MUIH, I keep thinking of Ken Wilber’s model of states and stages.

Patricia Bombard, who maintains a personal site dealing with the evolution of consciousness, provides a succinct summary of the distinction. She writes, “Wilber uses the term ‘states’ to refer to personal experiences of conscious awareness. ‘Stages’ are labels that help us to identify or measure our inner growth and development” (Bombard, 2013). Wilber’s own writing clarifies the distinction between these concepts. He writes in Integral Vision: “Where states of consciousness are temporary, stages of consciousness are permanent” (Wilber, 2007).

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